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IT issues used to be ignored or diagnosed manually. Until now.

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Diagnose Headaches

Life should be simple! CallRed's patent-pending technology monitors your internet speeds, security vulnerabilities, error logs and more.
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Support Escalation and Integrations

CallRed can automatically share issues with your IT Manager or escalate the issue with one of over 10,000+ companies. Support logos@2x d001fa77d855815ba875a7e7da1884818389b1e9bea8227e31edfc7304182b8a

CallRed integrates with external services that IT managers already use. Integrations@2x 1d64596cd915e461e7b228a95fdf82c525bff5632f3b9940ed3bd40a63c29407

CallRed helps both companies and individuals manage their computers and smart devices.

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